How to Activate Your Indigo Card?


Once you have applied for and have approval for your application, you are officially an Indigo Cardholder and it’s time to activate that card. Once you have been accepted, your card should arrive in the mail in 7-14 business days. Before you can use your card, it needs to be activated and then it’s time to begin enjoying the perks and benefits that come with being an Indigo Credit Card Holder.

In this guide, we’re exploring how to activate your Indigo Credit Card. It is a simple step-by-step process and there is a choice of activation methods to suit your preferences. The sooner you activate your new card, the sooner you can begin using it and building back a better credit score.


My Indigo Card Activation Processes

Activation by Phone


Activating your new credit card by phone could not be simpler and you can do this as soon as you get the card in the mail.

  1. Check and call the number on the sticker attached to the front of your new card. This number is usually 1-800-353-5920. Be sure to check your card as this number may be subject to change.
  2. Listen to and follow the automated prompts on the call. This will require you to enter your personal and card information including:
    – New credit card number
    – 3-digit CVV security code
    – Social Security number
  3. The automated system will then confirm your card has been activated for use. If this does not happen, you should be transferred to a customer services agent who should be able to advise and get your card activated.

If you choose to activate your card via telephone, you will still need to register your card online if you want to log in and use your online account for a range of services including making online payments, arranging automatic payments, keeping track of your card usage, and contacting the customer services team via email.

Activation Online

It is equally easy to activate your Indigo credit card online and you have the added bonus of completing your online registration at the same time so you can use your online account right away.

  1. Go to the official Indigo Card website activation page:
  2. Click on the Register My Account button, register your card and log in to your new Indigo account.
  3. Input your last name, zip code, date of birth and social security number.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to finalize the activation of your card.


Your Card’s Active, What Next?

Now your card is active, what’s next? You can begin to use your cards purchasing power, and this will also begin your pathway back to better credit, provided you manage your payments well. Now that your card is active you can also enjoy the following benefits:

Improved security

A credit card which has not been activated is a security risk. If the card is lost or stolen before activation, another party could potentially activate the card and begin using your new line of credit. Activating the card initiates a range of security features including protection against unauthorized use.

Online transparency

With your online account, you can keep a regular check on your card usage, credit limit and manage other important processes such as payments. You can review transactions and set up alerts to ensure you never miss a payment too.

Quick and Easy Payments

Once you have activated your card, you can immediately set up a direct debit or similar method for ensuring you never miss your payment date. To get the most from any credit card it is recommended you pay it off in full at the end of each month, helping to build up your credit score.


Whether you choose to activate your Indigo Platinum card via telephone or online, the outcome is the same, your card is ready to enjoy and use on purchases as you need. We do recommend opting for the online activation method as it allows you to register your account at the same time and avoids having to carry out an unnecessary two-step process if you choose to call to activate.

The simple steps could not be easier, and you will be able to use your card right away. If you do face any difficulties, Indigo customer services are also readily available if you need them, or you could see if your issue is covered in our FAQs.


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