About the Indigo Card


The Indigo Credit Card is a MasterCard designed for people who have a less-than-perfect credit history. This card is issued by Celtic Bank and serviced by Concora Credit Inc. As a MasterCard product you can use it almost anywhere, in stores and online, as MasterCard is widely accepted worldwide.

Once you’ve successfully applied for your card you can quickly activate the card and begin benefitting from your new credit card to use responsibly. The Indigo Card is an effective choice for getting your credit score back on track.

Features of the Indigo Card


There are several features that make the Indigo Card a great choice:

Credit limits

Your Indigo Credit Card offers flexible credit limits that may start lower for those with less favorable credit scores, but can increase through responsible usage over time. Furthermore, it includes a range of fees such as annual charges and APR, which are determined by the user’s credit standing. Some cardholders are able to increase their credit limit within just 6 months.

Rewards and benefits

The Indigo Card includes some traditional benefits including a cashback rewards system. With eligible purchases, you can earn 1% cash back, and there’s no limit on the total amount of rewards available. You can keep track of your cash back through logging into your account.

MasterCard fees

Your Indigo Card is subject to fees for use. The annual fee is usually higher for your first year and will be linked to your credit history. Fees will also apply for cash advances, balance transfers or if you make your payment late. Keep in mind that the card also has a fairly high APR due to the risk involved in providing credit for those with a less-than-perfect credit history.


The Indigo MasterCard is a great choice for people who need to rebuild their credit score. If you have a less-than-ideal credit history and want to build back a better rating, the Indigo Card could be the best choice for your needs. The Indigo Card is better than some alternatives for lower credit scores as it comes with the chance to boost your credit limit and has the added cashback rewards available too.

Understanding your credit responsibilities is paramount before signing up for any credit card and we’ve put together as much information as we can to help you make an informed decision about the card. For comprehensive insights into your new Indigo credit card, visit our FAQs page, where we’ve provided answers to common questions often encountered by new and prospective cardholders.

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